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Turning Work table

Turning Work table
Turning table machinery constantly turning are used in industrial applications for various purposes like assembly, varnishing, welding, casting, packaging, filling, or also in tooling machines. In addition, rotary tables are also found in observatories, radar facilities, theatre stages, rotating restaurants, or in milk carousels. Because of the variety of different applications, Beside rotary unions application for the most varied needs based on the medium to be transferred, the necessary pressures, and flow rates. Often electrical slip rings are also necessary for transmitting electrical currents and signals, which can also be combined with the rotary unions. Then it can transmitting power, signal for communication/control/sensor and gas, oil, water….


         For most of test table need pass power and measurement, control and communication signal with high speed, sometimes speed up to 20,000rpm,so it’s most important for slip ring to transmit the signal with reliability and high quality with minimal loss of signal in this high speed.
         Panlink Technology provide each type slip ring for this application, it’s including specify high speed model, contactless model….
Sometimes, rotary unions are needed, which can supply a large number of different mediums, like air, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, water, and hydraulic oil, Therefore a combination of a rotary union and a slip ring is often useful.

                     Recommend Model

Model Picture Way

Size(OD X L)


Current Voltage



Through bore




PSR-T25-6 1-6 78mm*48mm 5A/way 380VAC 300 25.4 Datasheet
PSR-T38-6 1-6     99mm*48mm 5A/way 380VAC 300 38.1 Datasheet
PSR-T70-6 1-6     138mm*53mm 5A/way 380VAC 300 70 Datasheet
PSR-T100-6 1-6 205mm*133.15mm 5A/way 380VAC 300 101.6 Datasheet