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Wind Energy Slip Ring

       Modern wind turbines require delivery of power and signals from the rotating blades by a reliable rotary union assembly.
       These assemblies must operate continuously in harsh environments with lower temperature, sand dusty or sea water and oil corrosive
 often in remote locations where regular maintenance and monitoringare difficult and expensive. So high reliability slip ring is very important for wind Turbine, Panlink Technology ’s line of slip ring for Wind Engery.

1. Electronlic Slip ring
          For transmit power, communication signal , Control signal for pitch control, fiber gold brush with lower wear and long maintenance cycle.


2. Fluid Rotary Unions
          For hydraulic power transfer with aninnovative low leak, long life design. These fluid rotary unions
can be combined with slip rings for integrated rotary unionsolutions.

          With over 5 year mass volume application in real wind turbine application experiences.  Some of example as below: