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Capsules Slip Ring

       Capsules Slip Ring The PSR-Cs slip ring capsule is a standard, off-the-shelf ,no through bore series product, that uses gold contacts at the rotary interface. Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplified electrical connections. Using a 90o V-groove ring design for each ring, the PSR-Cs provides smoother running, lower torque low contact wear rates than competitive slip ring. PSR-Cs include PSR-C6, PSR-C12, PSR-C15,,PSR-C18,PSR-C24 slip ring model, provides 6, 12,15, 18,24 circuit configurations.
Model Photo Through Bore Circuits Current Voltage OD*L Operation Speed
PSR-C6 no through bore 6 2A/Ring 240VAC*14.5mm 300Rpm
PSR-C12 no through bore 12 2A/Ring 240VAC 22mm*21.3mm 300Rpm
PSR-C15 no through bore 15 2A 240VAC 22.0mm*27.4mm 300Rpm
PSR-C24 no through bore 24 2A/Ring,5A,10A by pa 240VAC 22.0mm*35.1mm 300Rpm