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High Speed Slip Rings

       PSR-HSA slip ring capsule is a standard off-the-shelf and high speed series product that uses gold contacts at the rotary interface . Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplified electrical connections , speed can meet 10000Rpm with no need cooling . Using a 90ºV-groove ring design for each ring , the PSR-HSA-10 provides smoother running , lower toque , low contact wear rates than competitive slip ring , provides 10 circuit , 2A/circuit for power or signal
Model Photo Through Bore Circuits Current Voltage OD*L Operation Speed
PSR-T25H-6 3mm-100mm 1-100 5A , 10A ,15A…… 380VAC 78mm*48mm 1-10000Rpm
PSR-HSB-10 / 1-10 2A 380VAC 31.2mm*42mm 1-12000Rpm
T20H 20mm 10 5A , 10A ,15A…… 380VAC 37mm*57mm 0-10000Rpm
PSR-HSA-10 / 10 2A 380VAC 28mm 1-12000Rpm