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Fiber Optical Slip Rings

       The series Signal-channel (SM or MM) rotary joints are the most vesatille designs the market has ever seen . the rugged body alloes fiber pigtails FC/PC re ceptacles on either the rotor side or the stator side . One can configure the RPT RFC and FST for pigtails , FC/PC , and ST/PC receptacles . The R series fetures extremely low insertion loss and impressive return loss performance for both signal mode and mutimide fibers . Model RPTA garantees return loss as high as 50dB . These rugged device can operate undet artic temperature environment . All modelsare dust and water tight for harsh environment . optional pressue compensation is avilable with model RFTPC for shallow water application
Model Photo Through Bore Circuits Current Voltage OD*L Operation Speed
PSR-FORJ-R1 / single / / / 2000rpm
PSR-FORJ-R2 / 2 / / 20*65(mm) 100Rpm