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Pancake Slip Rings

       PSR-PS is a pancake type slip rngs that with any size through -bore and 10mm Min thickness , low torque , exactly preformace for transfer signal and power wih rotation . Use precious metal as contact material , enclose type and serperate type is available
Model Photo Through Bore Circuits Current Voltage OD*L Operation Speed
PSR-P31-4 31 1-4 2A/路 240V ID31*OD65*H6.4(mm) 300RPM
PSR-P150-4 Pancake slip ring 150mm 1-26 2A 240VAC ID150*OD266*H15(mm) 300Rpm
PSR-P82-10 Pancake Slip Ring 82mm 6/12/18/24 5A/10A/15A 380VAC ID82*OD180*H10(mm) 300Rpm