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PSR-SD15-24 SDI slip ring

Product Type:SDI slip ring Product Model:PSR-SD15-24 SDI slip ring
PSR-SD15-24 slip ring provides smoother running ,lower toque ,low contact wear rates than competitive slip ring ,provides 24 electrical circuit and 1 SDI signal,2A/circuit for power or signal ,and channel SDI Rotory Joint for hig speed data SDI vedio signal configurations.The electrical slipring  is a standard capsule ,off-the-shelf series product ,that udes gold contacts at the rotary interface . Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplified electrical connect...
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Electrical Spec.




Flange for set up

Rating voltage


The wire exit direction,length is optional

Rating current

2A /Ring,5A,10A by parrelled

Higher voltage and current capacity

Insulation resistance


Support for higher speed: 500Rpm

Dielectric strength



 Mechanical Spec




Working temperature




Mechanical vibration


Seal class



10% to 90% RH non-condensing

Contact material

Precious MetalGold-Gold


Lead Free,RoHS compliant

Lead Wire

12color AWG#28 Teflon wire

CE Certified



50million revolutions



1 SDI signal:Specification for RF Rotory Joint

Frequency  rate


Insertion loss

0.65 dB /1GHz Max

Insertion loss typical


Return loss

-18 dB /  1GHz Max;

Input &  output

RG -179/U

Maximum speed

50 rpm

voltage standing wave ratio


 voltage standing wave ratio typical


Estimated life cycle

20million revolutions

Working temperature

-40 to 80 C

Storage temperature

-50 to 85 C

Connector types

 BNC / F


75 ohms

Rating Current

DC 1A Max


♦Compact miniature design , small size fit for harsh space

♦Moudel design;Meet the most  of requirement

♦Combine slip ring and RF Joint

♦Can combine high speed date HD vedio signal and power in same slip ring

♦Meet the requirement of industrial field

¤ Typical Application

♦CCTV Monitoring System

♦Electrical test equipment


Installation Guide:

Picture A
1.Position the slip ring in the desired location and tighten both set screws to the shaft.Maximum torque 25Ib-in(DO NOT OVER TORQUE)
2.Route the wiring and make the neccessary connections.Do not allow the wiring to restrict free rotation of the slip ring.Do not constrain wiring such that wire flexing occurs.Doing so will ultimately cause failure(breakage of the wiring).

Picture B
1.Align the mouting holes(M3X8)in the flange to mouting base and install mouting screws(M3),securely tighten screws.
2.Route the wiring and make neccessary connections.Do not allow the wiring to restrict free rotation of the slip ring.

Because of possible geometric mismatching between the customer's application and the slip ring,'hard mouting'of both ends of the slip ring(i.e.securing the rotor and stator such that there is no floating during operation) is not recommended and may cause premature failure.