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Single channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

Product Type:Fiber Optical Slip Rings Product Model:PSR-FORJ-R1
Optical fiber slip ring: from single mode to 12 way, it have advange for pass high frequency signal, we can combine with electronic slip rings to a system to pass power , signal, high frequency signa.More technical information, please don’t hesitate to contact us....
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Specification for FORJ

Wavelength range

650-1650 nm

Insertion loss

<2dB (typical: <0.5 dB)

Return loss

40dB (typical:45 dB,2323 C), >50 dB (MJXA)

Maximum speed.

2000 rpm

Pressure compensation

1,000 psi (model RPC for higher pressure)

Pulling strength

10 N (900 um buffer)

Estimated life cycle

200-400 million revolutions

Optical power handlin

23 dBm

Working temperature

-40 to 80 C

Storage temperature

-50 to 85 C

Start up torque

<0.1 Nm

Package style

Pigtail or receptacles (FC, FC/APC, or ST)

Fiber types

Single or multimode w/3 mm jacke

Connector types

FC, SC, ST, SMA, or LC (and APC finishes)

Housing material

Stainless steel


~50 g

IP rating

IP 68 for all models


Mechanical vibration


HumidityHumidity Humidity

10% to 90% RH non-condensing10% to 90% RH non-condensing

Materials Materials

Lead Free, RoHS compliant

CE CertifiedCE Certified


The life of slip ring depend on the operation speed , temperature ,environment


A variety of fiber size and length of the jumpers

Optical fiber type: single channel, single mode, multimode multi pass through

Fiber optic connectors: FC, PC, ST or direct rejection pigtail

Fiber length: more customer requirements

Number of optical channels: single, double, multiple

Model A

Model B

Model C

Model D

¤ Feature

♦Compact miniature design , small size fit for harsh space

♦Moudel design ; Meet the most requirement

♦Can combine signal and power in same slip ring

♦Combine slip ring and FORJ

¤ Typical Application

♦Minitary Radar

♦Wind and Marine energy

♦Aerospace rotor tester

♦Medical equipmet

♦Precision instrument